The Byte Stuff (Your Vehicle's Computers)

June 26, 2022

Nobody has to tell you that computers are a part of so many things in our lives. Smartphones, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, televisions. You name itit has a computer in it. And your vehicle is no exception. The earliest cars relied on the technology of their time, and there was no such ... More

For Brakes' Sake (Brake Rotor Service in Neosho)

June 19, 2022

Think of how much abuse your brakes take. Day in and day out, they stop your vehicle when it's going fast and when it's going slow. Maybe your vehicle has been vibrating when you brake, or maybe it seems like your stopping distance is a little bit longer than it used to be. Then it's time to get ... More

A Squirrely Problem (Animals Nesting in Engine)

June 12, 2022

If you park your vehicle outside, you are exposing it to all sorts of critters that would love to use it for nesting, food storage and shelter. There are plenty of pictures online of people who've discovered there was more than an engine under the hood. In one case, the driver of an SUV started... More

What Neosho Customers like About Us at Pro-Lube Tire and Auto Center

June 5, 2022

A big part of the service we provide at Pro-Lube Tire and Auto Center for our Neosho customers is education. We want you to feel confident with your service decisions. And we're always open to questions from our valued Neosho area customers. Even though we try to be proactive in our Pro-Lube Tire... More